"Bale" Biker Tour

April 9, 2019

Rovinj – Dvigrad – Kanfanar – Žminj – Svetvinčenat – Bale


Length: 68 km (one direction)

Duration: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Easy




Program: We star the route towards Dvigrad, an abandoned medieval town which was inhabited until the plague and malaria forced the remaining inhabitants to move. The ones that moved didn’t go very far – just 3,5km from Dvigrad is another Istrian town Kanfanar. Here we will have a short coffee break where you will hear more about Istrian culture, heritage and history, stretch our legs and have a short break. After that we drive for another 6 kilometers up to Žminj, where we will walk through the beautiful center of this small town and have an opportunity to see Žminj’s centre and church. From Žminj we continue to Svetvinčenat, or – as the locals call it – Savičenta. In Svetvinčenat we will see the famous Morosini-Grimani castle dating back to the 16th century. Here we have an opportunity to visit the old museum of weapons too. Our last stop is Bale, a small Istrian town situated around 12 km from Rovinj. In Bale we shall see the Bembo palace, have an opportunity to see a town outside the coastal area which is becoming more and more famous thanks to various (music) festivals.

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