About Me

Ever since I can remember, I was surrounded by travelers! Rovinj is one of the most touristic places in the whole Istria, Croatia and this part of Europe, breaking records year after year and being recognized by more and more companies, guides, institutions and - travelers. 

Growing up in a touristic place means you are fluent in several languages, which later in life led me in studying English and Croatian language in Rijeka, where I have lived for five years. After my MA degree in these fields and becoming a teacher, I have decided to move to Graz, Austria, in order to obtain my PhD, where I have lived for two more years. Although the academic career has much to offer, I have thought about combining my passions in life into one whole bit. The intersection is being a tour guide and tour leader. Culture, photography, teaching, traveling, learning; these are the bases of my tours.


Of course, not everyone is interested in the same things. This is why I have developed various schemes from which you can choose and combine. Do you want to take your motorcycle and ride with me, visiting Istria's most hidden places and beautiful local roads? What about a selfie-tour where our focus is going to be visual beauty and making photographic memories?  Do you want an exclusive private tour with a professional, licensed driver? Do you feel more comfortable in Croatian, English, German or Slovenian language? 
You decide, we will make it happen.

                                                                         See you soon,
                                                                         Mag. edu. Matea Lac